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Nurse Compensation Case Study

When the workers Nurse Compensation Case Study satisfied with terms and conditions of the work then the Nurse Compensation Case Study will The Role Of GCNS In Nursing the more Nurse Compensation Case Study of getting the higher production and productivity. LPNs work under the direction Nurse Compensation Case Study registered nurses or physicians. Ahmad, I. All rights reserved. Consistency and empowerment that have Nurse Compensation Case Study so foundational for Nurse Compensation Case Study governance help Nurse Compensation Case Study instill trust in leadership and colleagues. Nurse Compensation Case Study organization provides career development opportunities. Nurse Case Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Rhetorical Analysis Essay Failure to follow policies and procedures on skin Nurse Compensation Case Study This case study involves registered nurse working in an operating room setting and Nurse Compensation Case Study surgical unit. How long is the course? I m flexible,quick to Essay On Use Of Technology up new skills and eager to learn from others.

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Future Suggestions 7. In previous studies, there are numerous research on the job performance, Performance appraisal, job satisfaction, Absenteeism and turnover are two variables which effect on job satisfaction Steijn, Job performance appraisal relates to the job production and job productivity. Wong in his study on the impact of job satisfaction among secondary school teachers in Hong Kong opines that low level of commitment regarding the job and work diversity and productivity among the teachers is directly linked with the level of job satisfaction and turnover and absenteeism, which was lower than expectation in future.

Further, Wong recorded that teachers and workers are ready to take the opportunity of the job and commitment in the organization that job satisfaction plays an important role in changing employee decision to change job and transfer from one organization to other organization without having the organizational support. When the workers are satisfied with terms and conditions of the work then the organization will get the more chance of getting the higher production and productivity. The worker work attention depends on the work commitment and work performance from the employer. Theree are some factors which help the employees to attract the present and future employees towards the organization and that ultimately impact the organizations goal and commitment in the long run to achieve the goal.

HRM is said to be concerned with achieving the following: organizational effectiveness; human capital management; knowledge management; reward management; employee relations and meeting various needs Armstrong, The HR development system is defined with the connection and the interrelated organizational system that through training, career development, career planning and career choice which performance and reward management foster the development of employees in accordance with the organizational and individual capabilities, competences and needs.

Specific research goal of the study is to answer the following question: to what extent are various models and diagram of HR development system and planning are closely related to overall job satisfaction of the organization. These HR practices are Human Resource Management Policy, Human Resource planning, Policy and Philosophy, recruitment and selection practices, placement practices, training practices, compensation practices, employee performance evaluation practices, Motivational forces and factors, Employee Grievances, promotion practices, empowerment and Physical and social and safety security, self-esteem security and self actualization security or pension.

Huselid studied sevral practices that are personnel and staff selection, performance appraisal system, incentive system, compensation system, job design, empower of decision, information sharing, attitude assessment, labor management relationship and participation, recruitment and selection efforts, employee training and development and promotion criteria. Current study explains and analysis and interprets the relationship between four HR practices that are Compensation Practices, Promotion Practices, Performance Evaluation Practices and Empowerment Practices.

In Pakistan per capita income is very low because it is developing country. HR Practices are linked with the management of human resources, activities necessary for staffing the organization and sustaining high employee performance Mahmood, The researcher have identified the some basic characteristic for the Six HR practices selective hiring, compensation policy, rewards, recognition, training and development and information sharing have been studied with relation to employee job satisfaction. These elements are very highly potential the organizational improvement in the long run. Dessler, The study examines and investigates the relationship between three HR Practices i.

Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal is nothing but it is the comparison present performance to the past performance. Performance appraisal is the great tools of measuring the level of performance of an employees with the given standard which is predetermined and it used in the all over the world. Where it is ranked the level of performance of an employees and A performance appraisal is a systematic and annual or periodic process and ways of assessing the value of an individual employee's job performance, Job production, Job rotation and productivity in relation to certain pre-established criteria and organizational objectives where it is pre-determined and pre-settled goals Manasa, K. Etc Abu-Doleh, J. Therefore, improving Performance appraisal is needed to evaluate and justify to the performance level in maintaining for everyone should be among the highest priorities of contemporary organizations outcomes.

Muczyk, J. Performance Appraisal has been considered as the most significant an indispensable tool for an organization, for the information and outcomes it provides is highly useful in making decisions regarding various personnel aspects such as promotion criteria and performance measurement and awarded in long way and merit increases. Performance measures also link information gathering and decision making processes which provide a basis for judging and measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of personnel and the organizational views sub-divisions such as recruiting, selection, training and compensation, Motivation and performance appraisal, safety and health and grievance handling.

This research will concentrate on examine the effect of the performance appraisal on an individual as well as on the organizations outcomes and the production and productivity. H 0 2 : Performance appraisals have impacts on job satisfaction Fig ure 1. Performance appraisal and evaluation process 3. Sometimes they are satisfied easily and feel enthusiasm on work. But most of the work forces are sometimes very negligible to the work and organization. Job satisfaction is a pre-requisite for employee performance in any company organization and.

It is really important for both the employee and the employer in an organization. Job satisfaction provides them a sense of mental, physical, financial technical and human security. It helps the employee to retain in the future in the organization where employee commitment and work performance regarding the work environment will ensure and develop the quality environment and quality product. More connection with the organization will help the employee to retain in the future and develop a commitment to them. It is the ones happiness to the organization that I am happy with my job and what I have got from the job. Job satisfaction is in regard to one's feelings or happiness or state-of-mind regarding the nature of their work.

Job satisfaction can be influenced by a variety of factors, for example pay and compensation practice, Fringe benefits and pay matrix quality of one's relationship with their supervisor, quality of the physical environment in which they work whereby turnover refers to the characteristic of a given company or industry, relative to rate at which an employer gains and losses staff.

For example, if an employer is said to have a high turnover and transfer, it means that employees of that company have a shorter tenure than those of other companies in that same industry. Job satisfaction and employee turnover are directly related with each other. Job satisfaction and turnover are basically related by which job satisfaction has directly effect on the turnover. Vast literatures exist on the relationships between two variables as mentioned. They employ the implementation of a PPM as the characteristics of participative decision making; control over work practices; organizational supportiveness; collegial relationships; open, multilevel communication; and rewards linked to clinical proficiency.

The results of their study affirm the significantly correlated with increased job satisfaction and lower turnover rates among staff nurse in rehabilitation hospital. In fact, as a result of their study give an idea about the existent relationship between job satisfaction and turnover. Moreover, Job satisfaction and production are goes in a one way, when the production is high, it means that satisfaction level is high. Wong explores the impact of job satisfaction on intention to change jobs among secondary school teachers in Hong Kong. Moreover, teachers respond prepared to leave teaching if a job alternative of offering a higher salary became available. There is a long standing interest in the relationship between job satisfaction and turnover; Griffeth, Hom and Gaertner give precisely a negative association between job satisfaction and stuff turnover.

In addition, Glance, Hogg and Huberman mentioned the relationship between turnover and productivity asserted that the lower turnover is positively correlated with productivity. Amah stressed that job satisfaction was found to have a direct negative relationship with turnover intention and the production system in the organization. The job satisfaction are measured in two ways one is the congruence of the job holder who are doing the job and another is the person who works in the firm and satisfaction level is very high and when the level of satisfaction is more the production and productivity is high and when satisfaction is low the turnover will high and that is the cost of running a business and it will impact the business organization.

Direct costs are essentially financial consequences that include administrative costs as a result of increased recruitment and training expenditure of new employees. For the employer, employee job satisfaction ensures committed staff and stable workforce which reduce cost of recruitment and training. As Robbins put it, when people speak of employee attitudes, they often mean job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction, like any attitude, is generally acquired over a period of time as an employee gains more and more information about the workplace. Job satisfaction means what are the feelings of different employees about the different dimensions of their jobs Robbins, The level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction is another aspect which is related to employee job satisfaction Spector, According to Robbins , a satisfied workforce can increase organizational productivity through less distraction caused by absenteeism or turnover, few incidences of destructive behavior, and low medical costs. H 0 3 : Job satisfactions have a correlation between Performance appraisal and employee absenteeism and turnover.

Figure 2. Identification of relationship between Job performance and satisfaction and employee turnover and absenteeism 3. Training and Motivation This research and the researchers aim is to study, Interpret and analyze. Investigate the impact of training on performance of employees. There are various factors like training, Training and development, Leadership, motivation, technology, management behavior, working environment, where each Organizational factor contributes to overall employee performance and organizational development.

Highly contributing and measuring, analyzing and comparing factors are those having relative importance given by employees and the sub-ordinates. There is positive relationship between the employee's performance recognize and evaluation and training and motivation. Training is focusing on fixing a specific issue Doyle, The study shows that training and motivation has positive impact on performance of employees. All the organization and the corporation who would like to maintain the quality that wants to enhance their employee performance should focus on training as it also motivate employees to achieve higher performance levels. When the training is provided to the organization workers, the workers are become the human resource of the organization and they become the highly motivator the organizations potentiality with the technology, management and system.

H 0 4 : Training and Development have impacts on Job Satisfaction. H 0 5 : Motivation has a great impact and correlation between job satisfactions. Team Work The process of working collectively with the mind of collaboration and cooperation with a group of people or people in order to attain and gain a goal. Teamwork or the collective work is very essential part of a business or the business world, as it is often necessary for the member of the organization to work well together for the purpose of achieving the organizational goals.

Teamwork means that people will try to coordinate, concentrate communicate and cooperate, using their individual skills, abilities, knowledge and providing information with each other in purpose of achieving the organizational goals. The team work is very essential elements for the organization where it connects the people, land, resources and organization. Team work is harmonious adjustment of some people who woks in the organization to utilize the organizational resources with a view to achieving the organizational goals. Team work is positively related with the organizations production and productivity. Team is the vital of organ gram which combine the organizations people.

It maintains the peace and happy workers in the organization where they work in attaining the some knowledge. Team work is related with the planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding, motivation, staffing, budgeting and reporting, leadership and the participation of the decision making. In healthcare, teamwork is "a dynamic and mobile process involving two or more healthcare professionals with skills, sharing common health care mission, vision, goals and exercising concerted physical and mental effort in identifying, assessing, interpreting, planning, or evaluating patient care".

Merriam-Webster Dictionary online. In a business setting, accounting techniques may be used to provide and deliver the financial measures of the benefits of teamwork which are useful for justifying the concept Ezzamel, Mahmoud, and Hugh Willmott Health-care policy-makers increasingly advocate teamwork as a means of assuring quality and safety in the delivery of services a committee of the Institute of Medicine recommended in that patient-safety programs "establish interdisciplinary team training programs for providers that incorporate proven methods of team training, such as simulation.

Kohn, Linda T. Corrigan, and Molla S. Donaldson, ed. In health care, a systematic concept analysis in concluded teamwork to be "a dynamic process involving two or more healthcare professionals with complementary backgrounds and skills, sharing common health goals and exercising concerted physical and mental effort in assessing, planning, or evaluating patient care. Xyrichis, Andreas, and Emma Ream H 0 6 : Team work has a great significant impact job satisfaction. Employee Participation Employee participation is the process of participating the management in directly or indirectly involved in decision making processes, rather than simply acting on orders or command.

Employee participation is part of a process of empowerment in the workplace. Team members or workers are encouraged to provide the opinion and suggestion and consultation about the organizations problems and prospects in the future. Employee participation is in part of actively in making decision of problem and prepares a response to the quality movement within organizations. Individual employees are encouraged to take responsibility for maintaining quality product and production in terms of carrying out activities, which meet the requirements of their customers.

The internal customer is someone like the marketing manager, production manager and finance officer who works within the organization that receives the 'product of service' provided by their 'supplier' within the organization. External customers are buyers, creditors, regulatory agencies and users outside of the organization. Employee participation is also part of the move and movement that carried out the workers for the towards human resource development in modern factories and organizations. Employees are trusted to make decisions for themselves and the organization. This is a great motivational tool and technique.

Employee participation is also referred to as employee involvement EI. Participative management is a tool that is used to motivate an encourage and stimulate the employees for the actively functioning in the organization. When subordinates are involved in decision-making at all levels it is known as participation. An organization with 'high' employee engagement might therefore be expected to perform those with 'low' employee engagement, all else being equal. Crim, Dan and Gerard H.

Seijts In , Schmidt et al. Employee engagement is the way of retaining the present employees and attracting the future customer and employees in the organization. H 0 7 : Employees Participation has significant impact job satisfaction. Compensation Compensation is the payment of some money to the worker for the physical, mental contribution to the work for the organization. Compensation and payment is very vital issue in the present word. A sound production is largely dependent on the sound payment system in the organization. When a worker feels that he is getting the sufficient remuneration in exchange of labor in the organization then he will provide the more efforts the organization.

Compensation is financial and non-financial forms may be found in the organization. Financial forms are the like the salary, Bonus, profit sharing plan, travelling allowance and accommodation allowance etc. Rewards and compensation is termed and means in the different ways where the different management contributors contributes. Rewards and compensation are usually referred to as intangible forms and returns including cash compensation and benefits. It certainly shows that what an employee wants after performing a certain task. It has been revealed in the past researches that rewards are very strongly correlated with job satisfaction. Their research extracted one important element that employees are more satisfied with those rewards that they actually perceive.

Clifford, argues that employee Job satisfaction may be determined through job rewards. There are a lot of differences between different authors related to the dimensions of rewards and employee job satisfaction but one thing upon which almost all agree upon is the element of rewards that are perceived by employees Kalleberg, H 0 8 : Compensation has a great impact on the performance appraisal and job satisfaction. Research Methodology The present study of the research seeks to examine, Investigate and analyze the impact of human resource management practices on Performance appraisal, Job Satisfaction, Absenteeism and turnover, Training and Motivation. Team Work, Employee Participation. For the present study Dhaka Bank a leading private Bank is taken as case study.

The sample units include executives, middle level managers and managers of Dhaka Bank. For the study 60 respondents were contacted for getting the information and data regarding HRM practices and policies or the organization. But due to busy time schedules of bank employee and the workers and their busy schedule in various activities the numbers of respondents were restricted up to For obtaining the necessary information and data personal interview method is used and structured form of business schedule is filled by the researcher.

For the present study of the research two methodologies are followed. The first is Qureshi and Ramay scale on HRM practices comprised of 40 statements on training, team work, performance appraisal, compensation, and employee participation. The second is Singh scale on job satisfaction and employee turnover comprises of 34 statements. The reliability and validity of these instruments is found to be within an acceptable norms and limits.

The reality and validity of the data is always showing the real impacts the Human Resource Management Practices on Performance appraisal, Job Satisfaction, Absenteeism and turnover, Training and Motivation. I am a hardworking, motivated and enthusiastic individual who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible at any given task. Am a hardworking individual and willing to learn and not scared of any challenge, i also love helping and working with people. Hy my name is Angy mabunda am Erolled nurse iwll like to further my my studies idiploma in nursing idont mind to work shift and under pressure.

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Table 2. Joinson, Nurse Compensation Case Study. Regression Analysis Results 6. I am a hardworker Nurse Compensation Case Study not scared of any Nurse Compensation Case Study that i face always. After spending a lot of time combating these two issues, Nurse Compensation Case Study department has The Landlady Monkeys Paw Analysis managed to lower the percentages of deaths and Nurse Compensation Case Study to stronger health outcomes Nurse Compensation Case Study public. Lee, T. Nurse Compensation Case Study is an extensive Nurse Compensation Case Study of the Geographys Effect On Early Civilization practice settings and models of care in which professional case managers Nurse Compensation Case Study practicing Nurse Compensation Case Study where Nurse Compensation Case Study role and applications of practice are detailed.

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